Terms of use


The federal administration (operator) operates an electronic service to facilitate business administration under the name www.EasyGov.swiss.
The following terms and conditions apply to all users of this service, regardless of whether they are registered users or visitors.
By accessing the electronic service the respective user agrees fully with the usage conditions.

Scope of services and usage rights

The scope of services of the electronic service www.EasyGov.swiss includes information and services for registrations with authorities and offices. The electronic service can be used free of charge by the users. A commercial use of this service is only permitted with the written consent of SECO.
All information provided by the electronic service is protected by copyright. For the reproduction or further publication of any elements, the consent of SECO or the designated copyright holders has to be obtained.
Within the electronic service, links can lead to third party websites. These websites are outside the sphere of influence and responsibility of SECO. The use of these additional offers is at your own risk.
Conversely, setting links, which refer to the electronic service of www.EasyGov.swiss, is permitted in principle. However, SECO must be informed in advance.


Although the published information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge, no guarantee can be given for the correctness of the material. For example, it is possible that simplifications have been made for practical reasons.
Accordingly, any liability, in particular for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness and selection of the published information is excluded, as far as permitted by law. No damages can be claimed.
In particular, the user cannot derive from the information provided any claim to a specific decision by the authorities to which he transmits his data. The examination of the individual case is expressly reserved. The use of the electronic service has only the function of providing assistance and in no way relieves the user from his legal obligations against the authorities.

Data security and privacy

Die vom Nutzer erfassten Daten werden nur für den elektronischen Dienst und keinesfalls für Werbezwecke verwendet. Es werden auch keine Daten automatisch an Amtsstellen The data entered by the user is used only for the electronic service and in no case for advertising purposes. No data is forwarded automatically to the authorities, but only by explicit actions of the users.
The operator shall take all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect all data against unauthorized access or modification.
However, the operator is not liable for the unauthorized gain of knowledge of third parties about personal data of users (for example by “hackers” accessing the database). The user authorizes the operator to process the data within the scope of the Federal Data Protection Act (DSG, SR 235.1).

Responsibility and obligations of the user

The user is solely responsible for the content of his registration and thus for the information he provides about himself. The user assures that the given data is true. The user is responsible for the protection of his data, for example by means of appropriate passwords or by deleting unneeded data.

In addition, each user agrees not to misuse this service, in particular:

  • not to set up a company on the basis of a third party’s name and without the consent of the third party;
  • not to set up false, misleading or imaginative businesses, and not to make deliberate false, immoral or fraudulent statements; and
  • not to use the electronic service in a manner which adversely affects the availability of the service to other users, e.g. through viruses or machine queries.

In addition to the exclusion from the electronic service, the non-observance of one of the above principles may also lead to criminal prosecution against the user himself.


The operator may commission third party service providers and fulfilment agents with the provision of parts or the entire scope of services, provided that the user is not thereby disadvantaged. The operator assumes no liability for the damage caused by such third party or fulfilment agents in the performance of their duties.

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