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Introducing EasyGov

EasyGov is the fast, easy and efficient way to interact with the public authorities. This secure and reliable platform is a one stop shop for requesting permits and submitting applications and notifications electronically.

What the users say

«EasyGov allows start-ups to focus on their core tasks.»
Michael Birrer, Innovation & Co-Creation, Startzentrum Zürich Genossenschaft
«I like EasyGov because I'm a fan of anything that simplifies processes for companies and allows them to dedicate their time to running their businesses!»
Armin Baumann, CEO KMU Swiss AG
«Thanks to, we can use our limited personnel resources more efficiently and in a more customer-oriented manner, as administrative tasks relating to registration and permits can be taken care of quickly and easily from the comfort of the office.»
Marc Käppeli, Managing Director of Blaser Café AG
«In the current environment of extensive regulation, we appreciate the forward-looking approach at EasyGov: the platform offers our companies a technical solution for staying in contact with the authorities, which is a welcome convenience.»
Erich Herzog, Deputy Head of the Competition and Regulatory Department at economiesuisse
«Thanks to, our members have more time to invest in client consultations.»
Vanessa J. Jenni, CEO and Project Manager at TRUST|SUISSE Ltd
«With administration made simple through, the Swiss electrical installations sector is able to concentrate on what’s really important.»
Michael Tschirky, President of the Association of Swiss Electrical Installation Companies (VSEI)

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